Southern Africa Arms and Ammunition Collector’s Association – Gauteng

SAAACA Gauteng is a non-profit organisation which serves and represents the interestssaaaca-jpeg-r-logo of collectors in South Africa with a special interest in Arms, Ammunition, Militaria and other collectables.

Although founded in 1994, its roots can be traced back to the Historical Firearms Society of South Africa whose inaugural meeting took place way back in 1958, in Cape Town.

SAAACA Gauteng is based in Johannesburg, at the Ditsong Museum of Military History. The Association primarily serves members in South Africa, with associate members from central and southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom.

SAAACA Gauteng remains  the largest SAPS accredited collectors association in South Africa ( Accreditation No. 1300036) and is also certified competent but the South African Revenue Service to issue Certificates of Antiquity for Customs and Excise purposes.

SAAACA Gauteng activities include:

  • Annual Arms Fair & Convention
  • Regular swop & trade events
  • Academic and lecture evenings
  • Show and tell events, where members are encouraged to participate.
  • Theme shoots focusing on collectables
  • Battlefied tours

Our purpose is:

To promote the collection, study, research, restoration, conservation and responsible use of collectable and heritage firearms, ammunition, accessories and related items.

To promote the appreciation and acceptance of collectors & collecting amongst all stakeholders, and to encourage responsible and ethical behaviour of our members in this regard.

To engage with any other body or bodies, for legislative and any other purposes supportive of the Associations primary purpose.