The name of the organisation shall be the Southern Africa Arms and Ammunition Collectors’ Association, Gauteng, which may be abbreviated to SAAACA, Gauteng.


The mission of SAAACA Gauteng , a non-profit , non-discriminatory organisation is:

Section 1 To promote the collection, study, research, restoration, preservation and responsible recreational use of collectible arms and ammunition.

Section 2 To promote the collecting, study, research, restoration, preservation and use of accessories and other items related to arms and ammunition.

Section 3 To work with any other body or bodies, for legislation and other purposes supportive of this Association’s primary mission.

Section 4 To promote the appreciation and acceptance of Collectors and Collectingamongst all Stakeholders, and to encourage responsible and ethical behaviour of its members in this regard.
(Stakeholders shall include, but not be limited to, Private and Institutional Collectors of Arms, Ammunition, and related artifacts, and all Public, Private and Government bodies affecting, affected by, or interested in the bona fide collection of Arms, Ammunition and related artifacts).


Section 1 Membership will only be open to persons who have satisfied the Executive Committee, through a sub-committee established for that purpose,and in accordance with such sub-committee’s Terms ofReference as approved by the Executive Committee, that they are, or desire to become, bona-fide collectors of arms and ammunition.

Section 2 There will be Ordinary (Primary) membership, Associate membership, Secondary membership ,Institutional membership and Junior membership. Junior membership shall be open to juniors up to the age of eighteen, whereupon they will automatically become eligible for Ordinary membership.

Note (i) – ‘Primary membership’ refers to Ordinary members who own firearms or ammunition in terms of Section 17 and/or 18 of the Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000 as amended) (the FCA) , and for which the Association is statutorily responsible under the FCA.

(ii) ‘Secondary membership’ refers to members , who are also primary members of another accredited collector’s association , and for which the Association is not statutorily responsible .

(iii) ‘Associate membership’ refers to natural or judicial persons who wish to be members of the Association, but for which the Association is not statutorily responsible in terms of the FCA.

(iv) ‘Institutional membership’ refers to Public Collectors as defined in Section 19 of the FCA
Section 3 Life Membership: Members who have been in good standing with the Association for a period of five (5) years or who have been active Executive Committee members for three (3) years, may apply in writing to become Life Members. Life membership contributions will be kept in a separate fund.

Section 4 Applications for life membership will be assessed on the basis of the members’ contributions to the Association, and/or the benefit to the Association of such membership.

Section 5 Life membership will be limited to 10% of current ordinary members.

Section 6 Membership shall be self-governing and selective but open to all collectors, including beginners, modest collectors and experienced collectors.

Section 7 There shall be no upper age limit.

Section 8 A prospective member shall be introduced by two members of good standing.

Section 9 Mechanism for revoking membership. Should the actions of a member be deemed to be in contravention of this Constitution or contrary to the spirit of the Association:
9.1 The Membership Sub-Committee, acting as a disciplinary committee in accordance with its Terms of Reference, will put the allegations to the member concerned, who will be given the opportunity to answer the allegations.
9.2 The majority decision of the disciplinary committee will be referred to the Executive Committee, and
9.3 The Executive Committee will make the final decision regarding membership of the member concerned.

Section 10 Should membership be revoked due to a member being in contravention of the Law or misusing their membership of the Association, the Registrar shall be advised in terms of the requirements of the FCA.


Section 1 The ExCo of SAAACA will consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer plus a minimum of four additional members.

Section 2 The ExCo and the position of Chairman shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting for a period of two years . 50% of ExCo members shall stand down annually, but may be nominated for re-election

Section 3 Nomination and election of ExCo members and sub-committee members shall take cognisance of the provisions of the FCA relating to accreditation , including
 Regulation 2 – qualifications and suitability of candidates in control of a juristic person ( Accredited Association )
 Regulation 5 – members to be in good standing with the Association

Section 4 The Chairman shall have a minimum of 2 years current ExCo experience and the maximum continuous term of the Chairman shall be 6 years.

Section 5 The outgoing Chairman will become the President of the Association for a period of up to 6 years unless otherwise determined at the AGM. The President will promote the image and interests of Collectors and the Association.The President is a non-executive position but may attend ExCo meetings in an advisory capacity.

Section 6 A majority of votes cast by the Members in good standing present at the Annual or a Special General Meeting shall constitute an election.

Section 7 A vacancy in the office of Chairman or President shall be filled by the Secretary or Chairman respectively until such time as a General or Special General Meeting can be called to elect a new Chairman or President . Other vacancies on ExCo shall be filled by nominations by the ExCo for the remaining term. Alternates and co-opted members may be approved by ExCo where in the Association’s interest.

Section 8 ExCo will operate according to the ExCo Terms of Reference, and be responsible for the development and implementation of Plans and Actions to further the aims and objectives of the Association as espoused in the Mission.

Section 9 The Secretary shall ensure the management of correspondenceand governance matters and the Treasurer shall ensure the management of funds.

Section 10 ExCo shall appoint and dissolve such sub-committees as are, from time to time, deemed necessary by them to further the objectives and manage the day-to-day affairs of the Association.

Section 11 ExCo will be authorized to protect the interests of the Association through appropriate Legal Action, other than High Court Action.The instituting of a High Court Action shall be authorized through a Special General Meeting.

Section 12 SAAACA Gauteng, its members, and Office Bearers, may not be held liable by any other member for anything done in in good faith in accordance with this Constitution.


Section 1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held on such date, time and at such place as ExCo designate. Notice of the meeting site, date and agenda shall be sent to Members two weeks before the meeting.

Section 2 Special General Meetings shall be called by ExCo when needed in the interests of the Association or when called upon to do so by two thirds of the fully paid-up members under the rules of Article 5 Section 1.

Section 3 Only Ordinary (Primary) members in good standing may vote at Annual or Special General Meetings. Other members may attend.

Section 4 Proxies from non-attending members in good standing in favour of an existing ExCo member will be permitted , and must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the date of the AGM.

Section 5 An attendance of 20% of members in good standing (including proxies) shall constitute a quorum. In the event of a quorum not being present, the meeting will be adjourned and re-constituted in terms of Article 5 Section 1 or Section 2 within a period of 4 weeks. The members present (including proxies) at such adjourned and reconstituted meeting shall constitute a quorum

Section 6 Amendments to the Constitution may only be made by a vote of 80% of the fully paid-up members present at an Annual or Special General Meeting called under the rules in

Section 7 Notice or motion to amend the Constitution and details of such amendment must be given on the appropriate agenda.


Section 1 Members shall pay an annual fee (membership and levies) and new members shall pay an additional once off registration fee as determined by ExCo and ratified at the AGM .

Section 2 The onus rests on members to ensure timeous payment of all annual fees and dues. Non-payment of annual dues and fees may result in the revocation of good standing with the Association.

Section 3 Fees for Associate and Secondary members will be 50% of the fee for Ordinary( Primary ) members.

Section 4 Fees for Pensioners will be 50% of the applicable Ordinary ,Associate or Secondary membership.

Section 5 Fees for junior members shall be as determined by ExCo from time to time, and shall be designed to promote such membership.

Section 6 Additional fees for the processing and issuing of the Certification of Collectability for collectible firearms and ammunition shall be determined by ExCo on an annual basis and ratified at the AGM.

Section 7 There shall be no fees payable for distribution ofstandard documentation to fully paid-up Members.

Signed Chairman: CW Secretary: WG Date: November 2012
Annexures :
– Executive Committee Terms of Reference
– Membership Committee Terms of Reference
– Appeals Committee Terms of Reference